How to sell specialty beads part 1: Make jewellery examples

August 25, 2008 at 20:41 2 comments

I promised I would share some universal experience on how to sell specialty beads. Why wait?

Specialty beads are the cornerstone of your bead shop. Very often they are what you are famous for, they are the reason people come to your shop. But the same beads can give you a tough time selling them. Many bead shops use price discounts to draw attention to these beads. But there is much more you can do without having to cut on your profits or losing credibility of your pricing policy.

One of the ways to attract attention to you specialty beads is to create examples of jewellery featuring these beads. My own experience is: when people see examples, they buy more. It happens all the time! Think of mannequins in the clothing shop windows. Not that my (or your) customers are unimaginative or inexperienced. But it’s hard to think up a design when you are shown many different beads one after another, hear someone talk about them AND have to keep an eye on your shop. When I showed Charita from Pink Pepper Utrecht a necklace of wooden beads and one photobead she immediately sketched a bracelet made of some nut beads, one photobead and a butterfly charm! Paula from Kraal&Co went for the suggested design:

FL08re002 Cell phone charm

Photobead cell phone charm

It’s a five-minute work that she could do right away rather then postponing it several days (or maybe weeks) until she would have some time to design something of her own.

Have ready made jewellery where people can see it easily. In your shop window, at the cash register or anywhere else you know customers will see it for sure.

Sometimes one example is enough to cause a whole wave of original ideas. Several examples would be nice. But do not overdo this! If you become exhaustive in your examples, there will be no room left for customer’s creativity. If you have so many ideas on how to apply your specialty beads, consider organising a specialty class.

Make sure the inspirational examples either physical or photographs if you are selling online) are (also) located near the beads for the strongest immediate effect.


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