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Nowadays a website is rather a must-have for a business. So most bead shops have websites. And some even have only a website with a web shop and no physical shop attached to it. Take Photobeads for example.

And the most important thing for a web shop is good photography. Photo’s of the beads will be the main thing customer will rely on when deciding whether or not to purchase. But judging from thousands bead shop websites I have visited in the past year I can conclude that most of us did not quite master the art yet.

Yesterday I was struggling trying to reproduce EZcube and make photo’s of new items for the Photobeads site. (I will write about it some other time when the experiment has proven to be a success). I have solved the greatest problem with bead photography – lighting. I have managed to get enough light when another problem emerged: I get yellow light on the pictures.

I decided to consult internet to see whether anyone has some useful advise on how to avoid yellow light. I did not find anything really useful or workable for me. At least not until I came across Home Jewelry Business Success Tips by Rena Klingenberg.

Well you can find a lot of useful advice on this website, but I was absolutely thrilled with her advice to scan (!) jewellery instead of photographing it! This does not always works for the jewellery, but it’s ideal for beads. I still edit the pictures in Photoshop to remove the greyish background. But I no longer have to struggle with things like lightning, weird reflections, sharpness and staff like that. It’s fast, easy and perfect!
Look at the results:

pendant on the scanner bed

The pendant on the scanner bed. I covered it with blue paper for a contrasting background. White on white does not produce great results.

final result

The pendant ready for the website. I have removed the paper background and replaced it with the same colour blue so that the blue reflections on the sides of the pendant do not look odd.

Well, you do need a flatbed scanner for this. But even a very cheap one will do. And often they come in a package with a fax and copy machine, so if you consider renewing one of those… It will save you a lot of time and frustration.


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