How to sell specialty beads part 2: Provide project ideas

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Last time I talked about providing jewellery examples featuring your specialty beads. But you can take that even a step further.

If you own a bead shop, then no doubt your customers are all very crafty and creative. They come up with most beautiful designs and are a great source of inspiration for you. But when it comes to specialty beads customers often need a little stimulation from your side.

Specialty beads are special (hence the name), unusual. Sometimes they need some serious thinking on how to apply them. And how do you convince your customers to do that thinking for your beads?

Provide projects that use your special beads. Let your customers take the project descriptions home if they want. They may decide to make the piece just as described or forget the instructions altogether and make something completely different. But they will give your special beads the attention they deserve – exactly what you are aiming at!

Button Glam necklace project by Photobeads

Button Glam necklace project by Photobeads

The ideal way is to make your own projects with the beads you have in your shop. Spoilt Rotten Beads provide projects on their website. Avenue Perles takes it a step further – you will have your shopping cart filled with all the necessary supplies just by clicking on the picture.

Compiling projects is a rather time consuming activity though. If you don’t have time or resources for that, search the internet: there are many free beading projects out there! Of course your customers can do that too. But stumbling across a nice beading project on the internet will not necessarily lead them to your shop. Being suggested a nice project while in your shop, on the other hand, might very well make them purchase the necessary materials. Make sure you have replacement for all the materials mentioned in the projects, don’t have your customers go bead shopping somewhere else!

If you sell online, place links to projects (let them open in a new window!) rather than copying them. That way you will not get into trouble with the projects owner. If you do a little research and compile a good collection of project links, your website can become a valuable resource for your customers – a good incentive for them to visit you more often.

Roses&Thorns necklace project by Photobeads

Roses&Thorns necklace project by Photobeads


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