Beads photography (part 2)

October 8, 2008 at 20:16 Leave a comment

Some time ago I was writing about bead photography and my attempts to imitate a light-box. I promised to get back to it, so here we are.

I have found instructions on how to make a light box (or light tent). But that required cutting and gluing whereas I wanted to have something more neat – not self made.  So I went to… Ikea! This good old friend has solutions for any problem. Really!

This is the list of things I bought:
1 Snålis white, semitransparent plastic box, 40x30x25 cm/19 l
2 Tertial silver-colour work lamps, shade diameter: 17cm (the colour is not important, but they only have it in silver)
1 pack of Glöda bulbs of 100W (4 pack)

And when I assembled it all at home, it looked like this:

Ikea light box

Ikea light box

I put 2 CD boxes under the box to make the bottom lay parallel to the table. I also use one more lamp with a 60W bulb for the back light. You can put all kinds of paper or fabric backgrounds inside the box.

PLEASE NOTE: Tertial work lamps are not meant for 100W bulbs. So use of them is at your own risk. Switch the lamps off whenever you are not actually taking pictures and try not to leave them on for longer than 5 minutes in a row.

Here is the result:

A picture taken in my new light box

A picture taken in my new light box

I do edit all the pictures in Photoshop: light, colour balance and size. But even without editing the pictures are clear enough to show to others.


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