Useful resources: Etsy and such part 3

January 24, 2009 at 16:14 2 comments

Never say never! Last time I was blogging about websites where you can buy and sell handmade goods I said I would not blog about the new ones. And yet here I am! And yes, if I find more I will probably post them here again :).

Silkfair “Makes Buying and Selling Fun and Easy”. Silkfair will let you import all your products from Etsy and they are really proud of that feature. That might be easy, but definitely no fun at all! It takes forever to import 12 items. I certainly would not suggest importing 100. And then they will overrule all the standard settings you were forced to set for your Silkfair shop and you will have to change all your Etsy items by hand one by one! Oh well. On the bright side: the listing fees are free, but Silkfair reserves “the right to raise the possibility of applying listing fees”. The final sales fee is 3% of the item price. And they allow you to set your prices in EURO as well as in USD. I did not try to buy anything, so I don’t know how much fun that would be.



Pinkdoodle – The Creative Marketplace. While Folksy is waiting for nobody knows what to open it’s doors to international sellers, Pinkdoodle does it already and they let you set your prices in 18 currencies. They apply a fancy system where you have to buy “pinkies” (credits) which you then can use to pay your listing and other fees. 500 pinkies cost 5 British pounds. It costs 12 pinkies to list an item and commission fee stands at 4% off final sale price. They have a promotion right now which allows you to list 1 item for free. If you want to list an item be prepared to take 9 (nine!) steps to complete it including a couple of hiccups. I have listed one item there and had 238 views in one week.



CrOwSoUp is coming soon. I wonder when that’s going to be…


CrOwSoUp – Uniting those who “design” with those who “desire”. It’s free to join, free to list and you will have to pay 4% sales fee. “All Artisans must be pre-approved before they can subscribe to This feature is not required on other sites and gives the GoZabo Gang the ability to make sure only fine artisans and crafters are showcased on!” I did not feel like being approved, so I did not sign up. If you want to be featured on the homepage and some other prominent pages you can buy a spot.



Mintd “is all about connecting people who make cool things to people who want to buy them”. Mass production articles are allowed too. It’s free to set a shop with up to 3 products. If you have a free account you will pay 5% sales fee. For $20 you will be allowed to place up to 25 products and the sales fee goes down to 4%. You will also get some extra features. There are two more types of accounts for $50 and $100 with higher product limit, more features and 3% sales rate.



Lollishops – “the frou frou friendly marketplace”! Lollishops is a juried website that accept s “vendors of handmade creations, artistic supplies and vintage treasures that compliment a Cottage Style influence”. They require artists to take special care in photographing their items, packaging and customer communications. If you want to apply you will need to send them samples of your work. I hope they do not ask for physical samples. They “promise to process your request promptly and courteously”, but I’ve heard from people who had to wait a couple of weeks. They have fees and different “Payment Plans”, but I did not manage to find what they are. Again, I did not feel like being approved, so I cannot give you any insider’s info.



If you happen to know more of such websites, please let me know!


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  • 1. Silkfair  |  January 24, 2009 at 16:49

    Thank you for mentioning Silkfair. Your review on Silkfair’s Etsy Import that “listing 12 items takes forever” seems excessive. The import process depends on the speed of Etsy’s system to respond, transfer images and time for email to be sent/received. 12 items shouldn’t take more than a few minutes between pulling in the listings and receiving the import status email notification. Comparing listing 100 items manually to importing 100 items, there are definite and clear advantages with importing.

    In regards to settings, you need to make sure that settings with payment options, etc.. are enabled with ‘default’ turned on. If you have issues, please contact our Support with the specifics, and we will be glad to look into it for you.

    Thank you for your interest in Silkfair.

  • 2. Pinkdoodle  |  March 5, 2009 at 19:34

    Hello Photobeads! I’m am pleased to know that you are already actively involved on the site and thank you for taking the time in writing a review on We understand how important it is to have a trouble-free selling process for all of our sellers and we openly welcome all sorts of criticisms to help us improve. Do write to us of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are dedicated in making constant improvements throughout the site.

    We wish you all the best in all your creative endeavours!

    The Pinkdoodle Team


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