Specialty beads: paper

January 29, 2009 at 19:02 1 comment

There is no definition for specialty beads and everybody has their own definition of “special”. According to my definition paper beads are special. Even though we see more and more of them, they are still new and we have not explored all the possibilities paper offers to us. It’s amazing how much one can make with paper! I have found several artists who

VividEarthDesigns offers handmade paper beads crafted from upcycled paper saved from the trash bin. Scraps of scrapbook paper, newspaper, and even junk mail paper is transformed into beautiful works of wearable art.

Paper beads by VividEarthDesigns

Paper beads by VividEarthDesigns

This is the kind of beads you see in bead shops. Spoilt Rotten Beads sell similar fair trade beads made by Acholi women in Uganda.

Nicole from SquishySushi makes “Eco-Friendly Jewelry with an Asian Influence”. Her paper beads are made from recycled newspapers and junk mail. The paper fibers are broken down and then reformed by hand into little beads. After that the beads may be painted and and covered with a shiny sealant.

Paper beads by SquishySushi

Paper beads by SquishySushi

Camille from Papermode makes even more special paper beads. Her paper beads are made of different shades of woven colourful paper, and are coated so as to be water-resistant.

Paper beads from Papermode

Paper beads from Papermode

Make (or have) any special beads? Please let me know!


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