How to sell specialty beads part 7: Colour combinations

March 14, 2009 at 23:14 Leave a comment

How do you present beads in your shop? Many shops sort beads by colour or by material. This is convenient for the customers who know what they are looking for. But this is not the best way to draw attention of your customers to your special pieces.

Green or yellow? How about both?

Green or yellow? How about both?

Your special focals might be purple, but if they combine well with pink beads – put them there! These combinations will stimulate customers’ creativity and give them impulses for new jewellery designs, probably featuring your specialty beads.

White? Red? Green? Black!

White? Red? Green? Put them next to black and see for yourself!

This is even more important in an online shop. Remember that in a traditional shop customers can simply put beads next to each other to see how they combine. But it’s impossible in an online shop and matching becomes way more tricky. Especially if you organise your beads by material and not by colour. Featuring combinations is a very helpful tool for customers, yet it’s very rarely used by the web based shops.


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