Specialty beads: beach stones and photobeads

Shelly from A Stone’s Throw makes original jewellery with beach stones which she collects on Cape Cod.

Beach stone jewellery by Shelly

Beach stone jewellery by Shelly

Her other specialty are necklaces called NeckWreaths. They are crocheted from fine gauge sterling silver wire and then “woven” together with her secret sewing technique! They close with sturdy “mag lok” TM magnetic clasps which are embedded in her handmade polymer clay cones.

A NeckWreath with photobeads

A NeckWreath with photobeads

The wreaths are adjustable in length from 16-18″ long. They incorporate new beads, like the photobeads, vintage beads as well as resin and semi precious stones and pearls.

Another NeckWreath with photobeads

Another NeckWreath with photobeads


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Vote Mother’s Garden at Vintaj.com!

The Mother’s Garden bracelet is the first Photobeads project with Vintaj natural brass findings. The combination of Royal Garden rose photobeads and Vintaj bead caps and charms turned out to be stunningly beautiful! You can download the full project description here.   

Vote for the Mother's Garden bracelet!

Vote for the Mother's Garden bracelet!


The Mother’s Garden bracelet competes in the Vintaj April 2009 Sprouting Blossoms competition.

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It’s that time of the month again: Get Eurofied!

1st of April (tomorrow!) new Get Eurofied! boxes are on sale again! As always they are full of indie samples and as always there is a very limited amount of them available, so hurry up. There is a little surprise from Photobeads as well. The new sample is even more fun than the previous one!

Get Eurofied!

Get Eurofied!

If you want to know what to expect, read this post about my Get Eurofied! treasure box.

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Specialty beads: seeds and fruits

Nubia from DANUGS takes dried seeds and fruits and pretends they are beads! The result – very original statement pieces.

Statement pieces by Danugs

Statement pieces by Danugs

Her jewellery is made mainly with Brazilian dried products, seeds, gemstones and wood pieces. If you can read Portuguese visit her blog. (If your Portuguese isn’t that good, try using the translator tool on her blog or simply watch the pictures!)

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Logo beads: bad news

…and then there is bad news. The marvellous logo beads we have made for several of our customers are not suitable for bracelets. When the beads touch any hard surface (a table, beads of another bracelet) logos seem to come off! So these beauties (and many other) where all called off:

Logo beads - their beauty is deceptive

Logo beads - not quite there yet

It’s not the first failure. Photobeads are unique and rare because they are very difficult to make. I’ve been working with dozens of suppliers in these two years and only three can make photobeads at the moment. But this time it’s different – now my customers are upset and that’s just not right!

Well, we will keep on trying to make logo beads on ceramics and who knows… I’ll keep you posted!

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Go for the ultimate summer feeling!

Spring has arrived with it’s sun, first leaves and birds, so let’s celebrate! And while we are happy in love with the spring, let’s get ready for the summer with it’s full sun and abundance of flowers.

Free Bloomy Coins with your order!

Free Bloomy Coins with your order!

Get a free five-pack of Bloomy Coins with each €15 of your order!* This offer is valid through April 15, but remember that time passes very quickly. Don’t let this opportunity to pass you by, place your order now!

Dahlia Wreath necklace

Dahlia Wreath necklace

*There is a maximum of 20 free Bloomy Coins packs per customer.

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How to sell specialty beads part 7: Colour combinations

How do you present beads in your shop? Many shops sort beads by colour or by material. This is convenient for the customers who know what they are looking for. But this is not the best way to draw attention of your customers to your special pieces.

Green or yellow? How about both?

Green or yellow? How about both?

Your special focals might be purple, but if they combine well with pink beads – put them there! These combinations will stimulate customers’ creativity and give them impulses for new jewellery designs, probably featuring your specialty beads.

White? Red? Green? Black!

White? Red? Green? Put them next to black and see for yourself!

This is even more important in an online shop. Remember that in a traditional shop customers can simply put beads next to each other to see how they combine. But it’s impossible in an online shop and matching becomes way more tricky. Especially if you organise your beads by material and not by colour. Featuring combinations is a very helpful tool for customers, yet it’s very rarely used by the web based shops.

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